We understand how important garden design really is and how much it means to have something that is unique to your own personal space.  That is why our customers have 100% input when it comes to the design ideas we offer.

Firstly we take photo's of the area you would like redesigned and take these images away to work on several designs that we think will work in your space. Bringing them back to you to discuss what you like/dislike about the ideas we have come up with. Allowing you to make any changes before work commences. 

We then price the materials that will be needed to carry out the work including any special machinery that may need to be hired and any delivery costs from our suppliers and include our labour costs within our quote. Our design's are offered free of charge.

Work will only commence if your are happy with our quote, where the price of materials must be paid for upfront and including 25% of our labour fees. The remaining 75% of our labour costs are payable upon job completion and satisfaction of work carried out.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss garden designs or to arrange a visit with our staff.

You can use the inquiry form on our CONTACT PAGE